TECHNICIAN FORUM Run by pest controllers FOR pest controllers!


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Join us on 10th July 2019 at our new


Run by pest controllers FOR pest controllers!

MIDS Pest Control Ltd, Letchworth, is excited to host the very first Technician Forum supported by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and some of your leading manufacturers and distributors.

We’ve put together a very exciting program to kick this first meeting off. Our experts will be on hand to give you top tips for your business, helping you to improve your working methods, and maximizing your profits whilst working within the parameters of constantly changing laws and regulations.

We know your time is important, so we’ve designed the forum to be as flexible as possible. You can attend for the morning session, or the afternoon session or both.

Morning session (3 BPCA Registered points) and (2 CPD Basis Points)

10.00am: Arrival

10.15am: Welcome and Aims of the Forum (Steve, MIDS Pest Control Ltd)

10.30am: Insects and products (Lodi)

11.00am: Bower flies and other products

11.30am: Open discussion and questions

12.00pm: Join in our fun speed dating session where you can have some time one-to-one with our experts or simply network with other local technicians to discuss local issues.

12.30pm: Lunch and refreshments

Afternoon session (3 BPCA Registered points) (2 CPD Basis Points)

BPCA is committed, through these forums, to providing member value through the provision of support that helps demonstrate their professionalism, increase their profile and improve their businesses.