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I joined MIDS pest control in September 2018, I am currently enjoying and learning more about Pest Control Services

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Happy Clients About Us

"Amazing service! I called Mids Pest Control about a suspected wasps nest outside my bedroom. I am terrified of wasps and needed someone to come and check it out quickly. They swung by between jobs and were at my property in 10 mins. I wasn't home but they offered to check the external anyway! My housemates let them in and they disposed of two wasp nests in my loft in absolutely no time and called me to update me immediately. They were very friendly and very effective and a great price. Obviously, I hope I don't have to call them out again but would highly recommend! Outstanding service!"

Karene Horner-Hughes

"Call MIDS pest control for an issue with a squirrel in the loft, I was shocked when I was advised that somebody would be out within the hour. 40 minutes late dead squirrel removed from the loft MIDS Pest Control would highly recommend them. I just told them to also go ahead with the proofing for it as well"

"I have to say from the moment you answered the phone to the moment you drove away I was impressed with the knowledge that was given. I would recommend MIDS Pest Control"