Summer pest issues by MIDS Pest Control

Due to the warm weather, we have had over the winter. This summer will see an increase in pest activity such as flies, wasps, Hornets, fleas.

To reduce your chances of getting stung this summer MIDS Pest Control can offer wasp prevention services for businesses.

Currently, a lot of Residential customers are calling us out but not for wasps more like masonry bees, and honeybees.

These types of bees are very good for pollination, therefore, MIDS Pest Control control will always find a different alternative than killing off.

If you have an issue with wasps we always recommend that you call the pest control officer to treat it or will remove it professionally. Untreated nests can cause a public health issue from other types of pests feeding off it. Which can involve you the business owner or Homeowner having issues with people suing you over getting stung this is why there is a law that states that you have a duty of care to make sure that you wasp nest is treated professionally.

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Not only wasp will be a major problem this summer, but there’s also another pest that people think don’t do damage.

The biggest pest this summer will be Gardens.

The amount of damage to these little creatures will do is unbelievable, I have seen patios destroyed, grass with mountains all over it resulting in them getting destroyed. Alarm systems destroyed because ants of got inside. Electronic gate system shorted because of ants. Not only that we’ve seen them getting into buildings behind cavity walls causing even more problems.

This to me is one of the biggest pests that we have in the UK because people don’t see ants as a pest.

I will treat it and go down the shops to buy some chemicals for a pound that’ll get rid of them.

This does not get to the root cause it just comes up the issue only if they knew it will get worse and worse causing further damage to property it’s. In the long run not dealing with ants is going to causes a problem.

MIDS Pest Control offering 3 types of treatments for Ants.

Professional baiting with a product which is called ants no more and gel baits.

Spray treatment using chemicals on a tailor-made program.

Indoor baiting using bait stations

All of these options will work for ants however will need to be carried out on an annual basis.

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