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Grey and Black Squirrel Control

Squirrels were deliberately introduced in to the UK many years ago, since then the grey squirrel has spread throughout UK and Wales. It is also a common resident of parks and gardens, it also seems to love residential lofts.

Once inside they will cause a considerable amount of damage to woodwork, electrics, water pipes and can tear up fiberglass insulation.

It is an offense to release grey squirrels back into the wild, once caught in a cage, they must be destroyed humanely.

Normal signs of squirrels in the loft is small round droppings, squirrels will do lots of damage in the loft from chewing cable to gnawing on the wood beams this can cause even more damage to other areas of your property. We always recommend calling the professionals in squirrel control to survey the building

Red squirrels are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Signs of Squirrels

  • Signs of squirrels in the loft is small round droppings.
  • Look for damage to chewed cables.
  • Gnawing on the wood beams.
  • Piles of loft material.
  • Scrabbling noises or heavy sounds.

Grey Squirrel Treatment

Squirrel in Trap

Why Control Grey Squirrels

We at MIDS Pest Control offer many different solutions for grey and black squirrel control from one-off treatment to planned routine control of squirrels.

Every customer is different and every treatment is different at MIDS Pest Control we will help find the right solution.


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I would definitely recommend this company. Very fast response time and Steve gave us lots of good advice on how to deal with the problem we were experiencing and how to rat-proof the garden. Would certainly go back to MIDS if we need a pest controller in the future.

May 2019

MIDS are great, any issues they are out straight away, no messing. Jake attends my site when supposed too, a very nice guy and helpful. Would certainly recommend his and MIDS services.
June 2019

"Amazing service! I called Mids Pest Control about a suspected wasps nest outside my bedroom. I am terrified of wasps and needed someone to come and check it out quickly. They swung by between jobs and were at my property in 10 mins. I wasn't home but they offered to check the external anyway! My housemates let them in and they disposed of two wasp nests in my loft in absolutely no time and called me to update me immediately. They were very friendly and very effective and a great price. Obviously, I hope I don't have to call them out again but would highly recommend! Outstanding service!"

Karene Horner-Hughes

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