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Pest advice for controlling Grey Squirrels


Have you heard something rustling in your attic or loft and suspect squirrels? As cute as squirrels might appear to be, they can be an incredibly destructive and distressing pest to have in your home or work. Learn all about grey squirrels in our ultimate pest control guide.

Pest controllers get thousands of call-outs for squirrels every year, and this is in part due to the damage they cause to your home and the noises squirrels make at night – which can be very distressing.

Whether you’re thinking about doing some DIY squirrel pest control, or you’re looking to get a professional pest controller to come out to you, this guide is for you.

Squirrel damage in your home, business and to your health 

Grey squirrels can cause damage when they enter roof spaces of houses and buildings. For example, they can:

  • Gnaw on woodwork and ceilings
  • Strip insulation from electrical wires
  • Tear up fibreglass insulation 
  • Contaminate cold water tanks and attic space with urine and droppings.

People also report sleep issues due to the loud noises they make at night while they’re scuttling around your attic.

Squirrels are most active before sunrise, especially in winter. Their peak activity is activity is four-five hours before daybreak.

Grey squirrels often associate humans with food, meaning they sometimes approach people. Some people fear being attacked, however, it’s very rare for a squirrel to actually attack!

In gardens and allotments, they can take fruit, raid nests of small birds and dig holes in lawns to bury food.

To control squirrels, MIDS Pest Control will use one of the following methods:

  • Spring traps
  • Live capture traps
  • Use of poison (Warfarin only)
  • Other shooting methods.

It’s important to know the law surrounding the control of any pest species, which is where a pest management professional comes in.

For example, it is an offense to use or permit the use of a spring trap, other than an approved spring trap, for the purpose of killing or taking animals, as per the Spring Traps Approval Order.

Live capture trapping is what it sounds like – capturing an animal live. This may be used where it would be impractical or against best practice to use another control method, for example where placing rodenticide would put non-target species at risk.

There are several reasons why this should only be done by a qualified pest technician.

  • Live capture trapping needs to be humane, legal, and carried out with sensitivity. It is an offense to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal as stated in the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996
  • Traps need to be inspected regularly and must contain a food source, water source and be suitably sheltered from extremes of weather as per the Animal Welfare Act 2006
  • Non-target species should be released unharmed, which means you must be able to correctly identify the animal that has been caught
  • Target species need to be dispatched humanely by a competent person.

You also cannot use live capture traps to remove a grey squirrel from your property in order to release it elsewhere. As an invasive species, it is against the law to release a grey squirrel once caught.

Use of poisons (Warfarin only) – these are only to be used by pest professionals and can only be used inside buildings.

The poison is laid in strategic locations, usually in multiple feeding trays and then checked at regular intervals to assess if it has been successful.

It is important to be aware that these poisons can take a few days to work and, in this time, the squirrel may die out of reach. This can cause a bad smell!

Drey poking is especially effective in winter, when all the leaves are gone from the trees and the nests can be seen more clearly.

It involves a team of people clearing the squirrels from an area by disturbing the dreys and dispatching the emerging squirrels using an air rifle.

Other shooting methods may be employed, for example to clear a population residing in your attic before proofing works commence.

Anyone using air rifles and firearms must have the appropriate skills, experience and training to safely carry out control using these devices

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