Solar Panel Solutions

Why are nesting birds a problem for solar systems?

Birds nesting under the panels will cause major damage to cables and panels. Birds deposit droppings and other debris on the panels, thus reducing output.  Proofing the panels also presents a fire risk if they nest under the panels and the risk of blocking the roof’s drainage system with fouling and nest materials.

This provides a nutrient-rich environment from which vegetation can grow in the gutter.

Cleaning and Proofing Panels

As well as presenting a health hazard to any contractor working on the roof, contact with bird droppings can cause infection to humans. At MIDS Pest control we will remove all of the nesting material possible and disinfect the panels and area at the same time.

Solar Panel Solutions

Why proof your building?

Why is it important to proof your solar panels for the same reason you would proof your house from rats. You are trying to protect your investment.

Solar panels normally are on the roof for up too 20-30 years from installing, therefore it is important to make sure that you service the panels with MIDS Pest control quick and easy with our solar meshing solution.

Below is an excellent video from the Bird barrier, which shows how the solution to proofing the solar panels.

The biggest cost of this install is the access equipment to access the area safely Scaffolding, which is why we recommend that you have the panels installed and meshing carried out at the same time as install, this will save you time and money in the future.

The cost of installing this system is subject to the access and amount of panels.

But to give some idea of cost.

A standard 15-panel install which require straight forward scaffolding with be around the £1500.00 + VAT.

As every job is different we would require a photo of the access and then we would be able to supply a quote for you.

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