Eco Friendly Non Toxic Pest Control Solutions for All Customers

Non Toxic Pest Control the way forward for future of pest control solutions

Pest Cam

We believe in supplying an Eco-friendly Pest Control Solutions to your home or business, finding the main source of the pest infestation and dealing with the issues quickly and effectively is the right way of doing Pest Control.

Pest Cam:

Pest Cam is a tool that we can install into your business or home that will allow us to record photos direct to us which means we know before you when we need to attend.

Pest Cam Video

Photo of the Pest Cam

Non Toxic monitoring
pest cam

Trap Me


TrapMe works with a patented measuring/register system to detect rodent.

• Open and activated: TrapMe register and sends a signal to TrapMe Cloud Portal.
• Rodent caught: TrapMe register and sends a signal to TrapMe Cloud Portal.
• Closed – False alarm: TrapMe register and sends a signal to TrapMe Cloud Portal.

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Photo of the Pest Cam

Trap Me


We also believe in using methods like tracking dust or gel that shows up under UV Light.

Photo of the Pest Cam


Pest Cam
£1201 week

We will come to your property or business to install a pest cam, the price includes 1 weeks monitoring of your building, this is based on two visits one to install one to take out, full CCTV of the pest issues you have a 7 days monitoring 24 hours 7 day a week

£802 weeks

We will come to the building  to install Tracking dust to monitor for the level of pest active and work out how they are getting into the property, Once we have done this and give you the report of are finding we will also give you a quote for any work thats need to be done.

Trap Me
£25per Trap Per Month
This is not a normal Rat trap but a trap that is monitored 365 days of the year 24, we know when a rat has been caught in your property, and will attend you business or home to remove the rodent, these are Rent per month per Trap

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