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Fox Control

Fox Control at MIDS Pest Control would always be deterrent, as 50% of foxes normally go away once after this treatment has been carried out keeping your garden or place of work free of foxes.

fox control

Foxes Increasing

All things considered, foxes are increasingly seen in urban and suburban areas as well as rural areas. The fox is primarily carnivorous and they are highly effective scavengers finding waste in towns and cities plentiful.

Foxes can carry toxocariasis, a parasitic roundworm which can be passed to humans.

Generally speaking, infection is extremely rare and only affects around two people per million in the UK each year. Fox faeces may contain bacteria which can cause sickness in humans, so faeces should not be directly handled.

We only use the best traps on the marketplace for fox trapping as can be seen by the public if a fox is caught. Every fox trapping program we start we carry out a full site Risk Assessment and to make sure that we’re not going to be catching next doors cat.

Foxes can cause problems by entering people’s gardens at night. Especially if you keep farm animals like chickens or other small animals that might attract them.

Whenever in the background or here and there fox shooting will always in fact for the most part always be with us.

Proofing for Foxes is quite straightforward, fence and no food or livestock around for them.

I would definitely recommend this company. Very fast response time and Steve gave us lots of good advice on how to deal with the problem we were experiencing and how to rat-proof the garden. Would certainly go back to MIDS if we need a pest controller in the future.

May 2019

MIDS are great, any issues they are out straight away, no messing. Jake attends my site when supposed too, a very nice guy and helpful. Would certainly recommend his and MIDS services.
June 2019

"Amazing service! I called Mids Pest Control about a suspected wasps nest outside my bedroom. I am terrified of wasps and needed someone to come and check it out quickly. They swung by between jobs and were at my property in 10 mins. I wasn't home but they offered to check the external anyway! My housemates let them in and they disposed of two wasp nests in my loft in absolutely no time and called me to update me immediately. They were very friendly and very effective and a great price. Obviously, I hope I don't have to call them out again but would highly recommend! Outstanding service!"

Karene Horner-Hughes

COVID-19 UPDATE from MIDS Pest Control

Due to Legal changes in the pest control industry, MIDS Pest Control is open for Business, However, we will be attending only emergency pest control, All advice is FREE over the phone and we will be very straight with you if we can help we will.. STAY IN DOORS STAY SAFE AND WASH YOUR HANDS