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Using advanced CCTV drainage systems form a large part of our daily work, giving us fast and cost effective way to map drainage networks. Helping us to diagnose problems and produce residential or commercial reports, such as our Pre-Purchase Homebuyers Report, or Commercial Drainage Surveys.

CCTV Drain Surveys are an integral part of any outdoor renovation or commercial construction project. We are able to work at scale and acurately map wide drainage areas, including large diameter pipe networks.

So this is what we will do:
  • We discuss the property in question and provide an estimate.
  • We agree a convenient time to carry out your CCTV drain survey.
  • At your property or site we will introduce ourselves, with your permission take a look at your drainage system.
  • The engineer will locate the manholes on your property.
  • If required, the pipes will be cleaned with a power-jetter in order to allow the camera to pass unobstructed.
  • The CCTV monitor and push rod camera system is set up in order to commence the survey.
  • The camera head is then slowly guided into the drain to start the survey. The camera is able to get a near perfect image of your drainage system and record all the footage.
  • Our engineer will complete the drain survey, replace all manhole covers and leave the site.
Drain Survey
£280Per CCTV Drain Inspection

MIDS Pest Control will attend and carry out a drain survey for the property, we do not charge by the hour, this is a set fee to survey the drain for rats. this is not a recorded review but we happy for you to record it if you would like.

You will get a drain expert and a pest control expert attend the building to work out what needs to be completed

Price is subject to a site survey and does not inc VAT 

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