Bees Removal Services

Bees Control and Treatment, Removal Services are mainly used between April and September.

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There are over 250 types of bees in the UK but there is only one European honey bee (Apis mellifera).

Please see below to identify what type of bee you have and who to approach for help and information.

If you feel you need to have the bees destroyed please contact MIDS Pest Control.

Bees are endangered but they are not protected.

Our beekeepers are only able to help in cases of honey bee swarms.

STEP 1: Identifying honey bees

If the insects are not honey bees, this part of the website shows you how to recognise other insects and gives some advice on what to do.


Bumblebees are often confused with honeybees. However, they are rounder, larger and furrier and come with a variety of coloured stripes across the end of their tails. Are they in a bird box, under the decking, in the compost?

Beekeepers are unable to assist in the removal of bumblebees, therefore, Call MIDS Pest Control on 0800 9997600 we happily help you

Solitary bees

Are there lots of small bees popping in and out of the wall or very small holes in the ground. Do they have a “reddy/brown” bottom? Are they almost black?

These are solitary bees, of which there are 225 species recorded in the UK and they post no threat or harm to you, your family or pets. Solitary bees are important pollinators and should be left alone. Their numbers will decrease over the summer and their nests should be left alone.



Is it bright yellow with black stripes? Very smooth, mainly yellow with black stripes? Is it on the roof of your house? Are they coming from around nest in a tree? Is there a nest in the shed? Do they have a high pitched buzz? Are they after all things sweet? Then these are probably wasps.

MIDS Pest Control Wasp nest removal and treatment services Click Here 

European Hornets

Are they very big with a loud buzz? Are they black and brown with a hint of orange? Living in the roof or shed? Do they have a very big curved tail? These are European Hornets and are valuable pollinators usually found in wooded areas.

MIDS Pest Control Hornets nest removal and treatment services Click Here 

STEP 2: I still think they’re Honey bees

Honey bees are small and vary in colour from golden brown to almost black.

If you have honey bees in the structure of your property click here

Does your swarm look like the pictures below?

Honey bees Swam

If you are looking at these then please contact your local Swarm Collector who will provide appropriate help or advice with your honey bee swarm.

MIDS Pest Control will Only remove Bee or Treat bees should there be a health and safety issue

Unless there is a threat to health and safety it is important to have them removed by experts. Our experienced team applies a special treatment to the nests, we will also remove them if safe and accessible.

We ask customers to stay clear of the nest for a minimum of 48 hours before calling us and many swarms we move on their own


If you have a swarm of bees this link is to the local bees keepers and they will be happy to help you

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