Bed Bugs

Bedbugs, in fact, is one of the faster-transferring pests in the world.  It is so quick and easy for them to be transferred from building to building or person to person.

 Have you been sitting on a train or have been to the Cinema?

Maybe you have just come back from a holiday on an aeroplane or maybe you have just been to work

Bed bugs make crappy souvenirs – yet, a lot of travelers unwittingly bring them back home.

One of the most common ways to pick up bed bugs while traveling is simply by staying in a bed bug infested hotel.

Bed bugs can thrive anywhere people live but hotels and motels are especially vulnerable, thanks to their high turnover rates. And it’s not exactly like hotels can inspect all their guests for bed bugs when they check in – could you imagine that check-in process? – so there is no real way to completely prevent bed bugs from entering a property, especially when you have hundreds of people coming and going on a daily basis.

Even posh, high-end hotels aren’t off limits since it doesn’t matter how sanitary or clean a hotel appears – any place that is temporary housing has a higher chance of a bed bug infestation.

Chemical Treatments

One of the best treatments on the Market is Chemical Treatment. This treatment is carried out over 21 days

Pesticide Free Treatments

Alongside our treatment, we also offer a pesticide-free treatment.

So the single most important step you can take is to seal your bed off from these bloodsuckers. Start by getting bedbug proof mattress encasements, box spring covers, and pillow covers.

They’re easy to install and provide bed bug protection that will save you hours of trying to rid your mattress of unwanted bedmates.

More bed bug prevention tips:

Use light-colored sheets so you can easily spot signs of bedbugs.

Wash and dry your bedding often, making sure to run it on the highest setting – heat kills bed bugs and their eggs.

Choose metal bed frames – cheap, basic ones are great – since bed bugs prefer natural surfaces like wood over synthetics like metal or plastic.

Upholstered headboards are beautiful but also a huge hassle to remove bedbugs from.