UK Squirrels: Here in the UK, we have three breeds of squirrel: Red squirrel – our native squirrel Grey squirrel – also called the Eastern Gray, is an invasive breed coming from North America Black squirrel – technically either an Eastern Gray or Fox Squirrel with a faulty gene that gives it its black coat ..

Bees – How we control them

Why Bees are important There are over 200 types of Bees in the UK, including 25 types of bumblebees! Some of these include: Garden Bumblebee White-tailed Bumblebee Honeybee Bees are valuable pollinators and without them, a lot of our farm produce and plants would not exist, they should be dealt with with respect, and any ..

UK Wasps – What you need to know!

  UK Wasps – What you need to know! When looking for a pest control company to help with any wasp nest issues, it is important that you know the difference between UK wasps. There are two different types of UK wasp – Vespula Vulgaris (also known as the common wasp or a common yellow-jacket) and ..

How to Choose Your Pest Control Company

How to choose your company Being a BPCA member tells customers that the quality of service given by a pest control company is to a good standard. To find a company in your area go to the BPCA website When choosing a company you need to ensure that they have the qualifications in place. Only ..

Hornets in the UK

Types of hornets in the UK European Hornets – Vespa Crabro These pests are the largest hornet native to Europe; they are carnivorous and can be seen as beneficial, they are also known to “hawk” in mid-air for honeybees and destroy whole hives. They are therefore a threat to our environment and need to be ..


The Avishock bird control system is a discreet bird deterent to encourage them away from the ledges. When the bird comes into contact with the track it emits a small electric pulse which then deters the birds from landing.

Avishock is effective against all species of birds and is proven not to harm, so it is a perfect solution.

However it also works well along side other bird proofing methods like, bird netting, bird wires and bird spikes on difficult to proof areas.

Avishock bird control system is one of the only methods which is virtually invisibly once installed and is great for listed buildings as this does not to be drilled in.

Benefits of Avishock

  • It’s similar to electric fence systems but for bird control.
  • An energizer provides an electric current to the system.
  • The circuit is completed when the bird lands on the track.
  • Fast Installation – Glue track, quick-fit connectors, a plugin.
  • Least Visible – only 6mm in high.
  • Long lasting – High spec durable components.
  • Cost effective to run and uses about £5.00 per year for the whole system.


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