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If you find that you have mice in your property then act fast, as their numbers can quickly multiply and they can become extremely difficult to control. Mice can sometimes be spotted around the home or business most common signs around the home are hearing noises in your loft or ceilings, you may start to see mouse droppings, mice are nocturnal so you may find mice droppings in the morning, they are often found in food sources such as cabinets, cupboards, shelves, worktops or skirting boards.

Mice reproduce at an extremely fast rate with their litters being as large as 8-10 with as many as 10 litters in a year!

So if you have Mice and would like more information on how to get rid of mice then book a pest control survey today.

MIDS Pest Control is a leading pest control company in mice control, we don’t just get rid of the Mice we Stop them coming back.

If  require any further information just call MIDS and speak directly to a pest controller 

Signs of Mice

Sooner or later you will be able to tell if you have Mice or have had Mice before, by the smell and droppings they leave behind.

Generally speaking, this can be identified quickly by a professional pest control officer.

Little black dropping the size of a grain of rice.

Damage to wires and property by gnawing.

Smell and Noise of Mice.

Get rid of Mice

Mice can squeeze through cracks as small as 6mm.

MIDS Pest Control uses many different types of systems to locate and control mice from Snap Traps to External Metal Bait Stations.

Every treatment is different therefore we recommend a survey

Proofing for Mice

Proofing for mice can be very difficult to start with, at MIDS Pest Control we like to start by making sure that all holes around the building are proofed with Professional Mouse mesh Covers

We can either fit them for you or you can buy them directly from Mouse Mesh.

Click Here for Pricing 

Why Us?

All Services at MIDS Pest Control come with a Personal Guarantee for me Steve Middleton. As the Director of MIDS Pest Control, I believe that we can make a difference to all business and homeowners. When choosing a Pest control company, Always make sure that you use a professional company which is backed by insurance and accreditations.

MIDS Pest Control is a member of the British Pest Control Association and Hertfordshire Trading Standards Approved, Not only that we also hold CEPA BS EN 16636:2015 in Professional Pest Management