Round up of MIDS pest Control 2018 -2019

Round up of 2018 – 2019 for MIDS pest control.

Well today we have been filming some new videos for MIDS pest control ltd

All I have to say is I have a great team around me and heading into 2019 we attend to service even more customer this year.

Jake Meddeman just shocked of how very proud you have made me feel over the last 18 months. Today is the final straw what you have done today, i just cannot believe you can do all this stuff, you going to have a massive Future as you are very talented with a camera.

Lorraine Middleton

As normal you been a rock to both me and MIDS since I started the company, I so proud that we going to make it and have a family business we can both be very proud off, thank you.


Everybody else that works for or with MIDS pest Control

I would personally like to thank you for your hard work last year very gratefully to you.

Ricky Rogers thank you Ricky Smith thank you. Sean Byrne thank you David Haskins bower thank you Shelly Lodi thank you Eliza Lodi thank you Daniel Schroer Thank you. Tara thank you John Sage thank you. Gary Aldridge thank you.

Anna and your team fantastic service with the phones not one single complaint from your team last year, thank you.

Also thank you to the BPCA British Pest Control-Association and team, CEPA and team. Trustatrader teams and Hertfordshire trading standards team. A massive thank you from MIDS Pest Control ltd.

Final thank you to the customers that have chosen MIDS Pest Control, without you my dreams would have never come true.

If you have a pest and don’t know who to call then


You will be in save hands.