Pest Control and the Way Forward

This article about the pest cam CCTV Camera System.

A few months ago I was looking into how we can record data from residential and commercial buildings. I’ve been searching the Internet for quite a few months and I’ve bought several different types of trail cameras. Some of these cameras required you to buy UK Sim a cost of £10 minimum per month and others didn’t have a sim just had an SD card inside and we had to rely on going back to collect the camera to download the software and to get the images which in modern technology time is just not acceptable.

On searching further into the Internet and talking to other people in the pest controller in the industry I came across a company called Futura and got in contact with a lovely chap called Daniel, he assures me that the Pestcam was the right solution from the job and, to be honest, my first impressions of the Pestcam was just another camera which is not gonna come up to the job well how wrong was I.

Pestcam is one of the quickest and easiest cameras I think I’ve set up on the market and in the video below you sure you do you take me just under five minutes from I’m packing the camera do you actually having it up and running on their system this is 2nd to none technology.

The Pastcam allows us to have full access to your building commercial or residential taking photographs of every activity that happens Like the picture below of a grey Squirrel. Not only is it recording photographs and sending them to us by email alerts so we know what to do but it also records and on-site video. we upload a couple of videos within this blog just to show some of the footage that can actually be generated from these cameras.

If you currently have council pest control or national company that is not fulfilling your duties and having issues finding the issues within your building and you want to take pest control to the next level then get rid with MIDS.