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A Day in The Life of a Pest Control Technician

My names Tara and I am the Office Administrator at MIDS Pest Control and today I have been let
loose from the office to join Steve Smith along to his appointments to see what its like out in the
First stop one of our residential customers, this lovely lady has an Annual Contract with us. She has
reported seeing a rat bold as brass strolling up and down her pathway, the lady’s dog is also not
happy with this unwanted visitor.
Steve starts by checking the external bait boxes, he can see where there would be an activity, there is
log storage and a pond in the garden which is harbourage ground for rat activity as this is their
drinking source, also the house backs on to open fields so it’s a rats playground.

The plan of action is to set up some Snap Traps. Steve gets these from the van, as I watch I see him
getting some peanut butter, I am puzzled is he going to make me a sandwich I was thinking…bit early
for lunch. However, he spreads this on to the traps, seems like I am not the only one fond of peanut
butter the rats love it! The traps are put into the boxes around the garden and Steve will re-visit 5-7 days time to check the finding.
The second visit of the day is to one of our biggest commercial customers, it is a huge warehouse full
of food products and lots of chocolate, I felt like ‘Tara in the Chocolate Factory.’
The inside of the warehouse has internal rodent boxes which contain a sachet of Pasta Sapphire this
is an anticoagulant rodenticide, it also has insect detectors and moth lures placed around the
the perimeter of the building, these are all checked and there are no signs of any activity, this is great
We then go outside to check the external bait boxes around the building and check for any holes or
burrowing activity, again this is all clear. Happy customers all around!

The final visit of the day is a site set up at a local fish and chip shop. Steve thoroughly checks around
the inside of the shop and places the internal bait box in different areas. I draw up a map so when we
come to do our next routine visit in three months’ time the next technician will know where they are
located. A fly control unit is installed, this site is now set up to protect and prevent any unwanted pests.

As a company, it is our job to prevent and protect our customers’ homes and businesses, all our technicians are BPCA trained and well experienced to do this.
I have had an interesting and great day out meeting some of our customers and seeing what it is like to be a Pest Control Technician. That is me done for the day, I am heading back to the office for a well-earned hot chocolate!
Thanks for reading!
Take care and stay safe
Office Administrator at MIDS Pest Control Ltd

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