MIDS Pest Control we believe that our services are the best in the business, this is why we carry out the job correctly the first time so that we don’t have any complaints from our customers.

Therefore just in case you have a problem, we at MIDS Pest Control are happy to help and we follow these simple rules.

Tell the pest control officer the issues that you’re having and they will be able to solve the issue.
Not happy to talk to the pest control officer? Please call the office on 0800 9997600 and ask for Steven Middleton Director

If you’re still unhappy with the outcome please contact the British Pest Control

Head Office

British Pest Control Association
4A Mallard Way
Pride Park
DE24 8GX

Finding the BPCA offices


T: +44 (0) 1332 294288
: enquiry@bpca.org.uk

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