Bird Control



  • Avishock is a tactile scaring device that uses a small electric current to scare the birds from unwanted areas
  • It’s similar to an electric fences system but for Bird Control
  • An energizer provides an electric current to the system
  • The circuit is completed when the bird lands on the track
  • Test have shown that birds learn to avoid the area which means it deters birds from sitting on the edges and fouling below
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Bird Netting

Bird Netting has come about because of the issues that builders are causing.

Netting in the pest control Industry is a form of proofing for Bird Control.

Generally Speaking, a quoted is individually done on every job as each job is different.

Bird Netting, Bird spiking or bird gel are just some of the options

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Bird Dropping Removal Service

Bird and Fouling Removal Services is just one of the of the many Services that MIDS Pest control covers in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. If you have a bird Issues weather that pigeons under your solar panels or a bird stuck in your chimney, we have it all cover at MIDS Pest  Control. all are staff are fully trained in the removal of bird droppings and the cleaning and sanitisation of areas that have been contaminated by bird guano. Our innovative cleaning and disinfection measures ensure that all bird dropping removal procedures are performed in a safe and efficient manner to help protect you from the health hazards that these environments can present. 

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Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes is a form of defense that is used to stop birds from sitting on the ledges and fouling below. On Balance, this will cause the birds to find somewhere else to roost. To Summarize bird spiking is just one of the solutions that MIDS Pest Control Bird Team can supply, Bird Spikes work well with Netting and Trapping programs.

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Shooting for pest control is just one of the systems that can be used for controlling pigeons and Rabbits.

As a full member of the British Association for Shooting, MIDS Pest Clearly know what they are doing when it comes to shooting


The following link below is a good article about shooting and worth reading:

The information that in this write up about shooting on the whole just sum it up.

So if are looking for Pest Control services for Shooting around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire then Get Rid with MIDS

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Hawking Bird Control

Hawking Control Services In Hertfordshire Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire is still the best option for Control of Gull on Building to reduce the gulls from Nesting, More and more people are now starting to recommend Hawking control for pigeons. However,

We at MIDS believe the Risk involved of a raptor kill is very high which is why we look at other solution like trapping and shooting of pigeons before using a Hawking. However proofing a building with Spikes, Gel and Netting should all be looked before killing and population control

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Trapping Control Services by large people don’t like to see or hear of birds being killed.

In summary, I am sorry but there no way around this when population control for birds is carried out.

We recommend that a full bird control survey is carried out.

Generally Speaking, we look at all methods like Netting, Spiking, Hawking, just to name a few.

Given these points above should you like further information on the next steps to take for Bird Control or in short would just like to know the cost involved in Get rid with MIDS . In either case just book your next appointment now.

As shown below the link highlights the law as can be seen.

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Solar Panel Proofing Solutions

Solar Panel Proofing is important Why?


Why are nesting birds a problem for solar systems?

Birds nesting under or around the panels will cause some of the following:

damage cables, damage panels, deposit droppings and other debris on the panels, thus reducing output, present a fire risk if they nest under the panels, block the roof’s drainage system with droppings, nest materials, food debris and feathers potentially causing roof leaks, whilst providing a nutrient rich environment from which vegetation can grow;

As well as present a health hazard to any contractor working on the roof (contact with bird droppings can cause infection to humans).


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