Hawking Bird Control

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Hawking Control Services In Hertfordshire Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire is still the best option for Control of Gull on Building to reduce the gulls from Nesting, More and more people are now starting to recommend Hawking control for pigeons. However,

We at MIDS believe the Risk involved of a raptor kill is very high which is why we look at other solution like trapping and shooting of pigeons before using a Hawking. However proofing a building with Spikes, Gel and Netting should all be looked before killing and population control

Hawking Bird Control

Hawking Control Services In Hertfordshire Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire – MIDS Pest Control we believe in offering the customer the right solution for the right issue when it come to hawking control, this is why when it comes to working out the number of flight and the length of time need to control this type of pest we really do need to look at some key facts.

  Bird Pressure            Area Location          Size of Building           Access for Bird Safety            High Power Cables

The main reason for looking at these 5 things is to firstly rule out if a bird can actually work safely, there is no point trying to fly a hawk around a site when it will harm itself when working.

Hawking Solutions

MIDS Pest control offer different recommendation solution for the number of flights you require from the MIn amount of 12 flights per year to 365 flight per year, it is all tailor made to your requirement. however the standard recommended flights we have the most  of are

52 flights per year

40 flights per year

26 flights per year

So if you would like more information or would like to book a demo for a flight then give us a call today we will be happy to help you.

Cost of Hawking

On Average the cost of Hawking control is per flight, most hawk handlers charge between £100.00 - £250.00 for a 2 hour flight. 

Why Us?

All Services at MIDS Pest Control our guaranteed for 30 days. I believe that we can make a difference to all business and homeowners. When choosing a Pest control company, Always make sure that you use a professional company that is linked to the British Pest Control Association which is backed by insurance and accreditations.

MIDS Pest Control is a member of the British Pest Control Association and Hertfordshire Trading Standards Approved, Not only that we also hold CEPA BS EN 16636:2015 in Professional Pest Management