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  • Avishock is a tactile scaring device that uses a small electric current to scare the birds from unwanted areas
  • It’s similar to an electric fences system but for Bird Control
  • An energizer provides an electric current to the system
  • The circuit is completed when the bird lands on the track
  • Test have shown that birds learn to avoid the area which means it deters birds from sitting on the edges and fouling below

What is Avishock?

  • Fast Installation – Glue track, quick-fit connectors, a plugin
  • Versatile – Flexible
  • Least Visible – only 6mm in high
  • Most effective and works on all species and all pressures
  • Long Lasting – High Spec durable components
  • Cost Effective to run and uses about £5.00 per year for the whole system
  • Humane and does not harm the birds like spikes and gels.


The shock tracks are very discreet when installed on buildings and are available in grey, stone or black to blend in with most building structures


All of our components are weather proof to give many years of trouble free bird control. The track has a patented anti- arcing base fully insulated to the building structure. A high quality stainless steel braid is stitched into the track which provides excellent durability to the elements in exposed areas.

Why Us?

All Services at MIDS Pest Control our guaranteed for 30 days. I believe that we can make a difference to all business and homeowners. When choosing a Pest control company, Always make sure that you use a professional company that is linked to the British Pest Control Association which is backed by insurance and accreditations.

MIDS Pest Control is a member of the British Pest Control Association and Hertfordshire Trading Standards Approved, Not only that we also hold CEPA BS EN 16636:2015 in Professional Pest Management