Solar Panel Proofing

Acrobat Ant

Solar panels are a valuable investment, so when something goes wrong you need fast and reliable support. Whilst you see your panels as a beneficial power source, many Pigeons and other birds see them as the perfect nesting place, and that can cause serious problems!

Solar Panel Meshing

Solar panel damage

Pigeons are programmed to sit on roofs, and the increasing popularity of solar panels has meant an equally popular hideout for these feathery vermin – they are kept warm and sheltered from all weathers, this can cause damage to exterior and interior parts of your solar panels and ultimately damaging your investment.

Get Them Out

Once a group of pigeons has its heart set on your solar panels the side effects are irritating and costly. Pigeons nesting in your solar panels can mean scratching sounds, incessant noise and sleepless nights – but Pigeon proofing solar panels quickly and effectively deal with your problem: leaving you pigeon free and flying high!

Decrease in solar power

Even the early signs of pigeon presence can be a real pain for your panels: dirt and faeces left behind by unwanted Pigeons quickly covers the surface of your solar panels, meaning a decrease in power and effectiveness. In addition to this, Pigeon droppings have a highly acidic quality, meaning that – if left- they can cause corrosion and structural damage. Furthermore, bird droppings are known to be carriers of at least three diseases: Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis – not something you want on the roof above your family home.

MIDS Pest Control approach 

Luckily Pigeon proofing solar panels have a rehearsed so many time by MIDS that we now have it down to a fine art. Our technicians will remove these pests and make sure that they no longer have access to your solar panels, ensuring that they will continue to work effectively with no interruptions. It is impossible for the pests to return once they have been removed from your solar panels. Leaving you safe in the knowledge your investment is protected and will continue to work as it should for years to come.

Solar Panel Clearance

Disinfectant Cleaning Services 

Bird fouling and Nesting material need to be removed from the roofed, At MIDS Pest Control we jet wash down the roof with a disinfectant called Steri 7, this helps to kill off all the germs and bacteria that the bird have left behind. 



Installation Costs 

The Cost for install the panels is subject to a collect of factors. 

1/ How many Panels ?

2/ Access to the roof?

3/ Scaffolding/mewp Cost?

4/ Cost of materials? ( different solutions) 

Once we have all of these details we can then supply you with a quote to Get Rid of your Issues. 


Why Us?

All Services at MIDS Pest Control come with a Personal Guarantee for me Steve Middleton. As the Director of MIDS Pest Control, I believe that we can make a difference to all business and homeowners. When choosing a Pest control company, Always make sure that you use a professional company which is backed by insurance and accreditations.

MIDS Pest Control is a member of the British Pest Control Association and Hertfordshire Trading Standards Approved, Not only that we also hold CEPA BS EN 16636:2015 in Professional Pest Management