Acrobat Ant


  • Avishock is a tactile scaring device that uses a small electric current to scare the birds from unwanted areas
  • It’s similar to an electric fences system but for Bird Control
  • An energizer provides an electric current to the system
  • The circuit is completed when the bird lands on the track
  • Test have shown that birds learn to avoid the area which means it deters birds from sitting on the edges and fouling below

What is Avishock?

  • Fast Installation – Glue track, quick-fit connectors, a plugin
  • Versatile – Flexible
  • Least Visible – only 6mm in high
  • Most effective and works on all species and all pressures
  • Long Lasting – High Spec durable components
  • Cost Effective to run and uses about £5.00 per year for the whole system
  • Humane and does not harm the birds like spikes and gels.

Why Us?

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