Why Bees are important

There are over 200 types of Bees in the UK, including 25 types of bumblebees! Some of these include:

  • Garden Bumblebee
  • White-tailed Bumblebee
  • Honeybee

Bees are valuable pollinators and without them, a lot of our farm produce and plants would not exist, they should be dealt with with respect, and any procedures to remove bees have to be carried out carefully.

Another use for bees is obviously their honey. Honey has been used for many different things for centuries; it is highly antiseptic and can be used to dress wounds or as an antihistamine. The Honeybee is the only insect that makes food for human consumption so we must protect them!

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A little about bees:

The life cycle of a bee is similar to that of a wasp or a hornet, however; a bee will start collecting pollen before making a nest. The queen will then move into the nest and start laying her eggs whilst the worker bees collect pollen and build the nest around her.

How Bees can be a problem

Although important, bees can pose an issue. They are most dangerous to those that have allergies, this goes for both humans and pets! Some dogs are allergic to bees the same way we are and although hilarious…

How to Tell if Your Dog Got Stung by a Bee - What To Do. | Dog bee ...

We would rather keep our animals safe!

Other ways bees can become a nuisance to you and your family are:

  • Tunneling into your home
  • Hives in your home
  • Stings
  • Swarms

(Information from https://www.pests.org/get-rid-of-bees/)

How we get rid of bees

There is a misconception that Honeybees are legally protected – this is false as there are no clauses in either the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981) or the Animal Welfare Act (2006) that prevents bees from being killed or relocated if they pose a threat to human health.

However, as pest controllers, there are regulations to follow that ensure when getting rid of bees we do not endanger any of the surrounding wildlife or any hives that could be nearby.

A honeybee colony or honeybee nest can be destroyed using insecticide; however, this does not mean that a colony can just be killed using a can of insecticide. It is an option but only a small part of the process.

If a Honeybee colony is destroyed using insecticide, then you must seal any entry/exit points that the bees may currently have or may have in the future. This is in case of any drone bees coming to scavenge off the dead nest.


For more information on bees and how we can help you with an infestation go to our website at https://midspestcontrol.co.uk/services/bee-control/

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